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Real Estate Photographer

Sassine, Beirut

Adverto Inc.

Art, Creative & Design Contractor Per Diem

Adverto is a digital agency headquartered in Montreal with clients across the globe. As part of our digital solutions, we're looking to engage an experienced photographer for on-site real estate photoshoots in and around Beirut.

The ideal candidate would have a strong experience in the field of real estate photography and would possess the following soft skills:

  • They would be energetic and highly engaged with leadership capabilities. 
  • They would be flexible, dependable, and efficient. 
  • They would be extremely professional since they will be engaging directly with our clients.
  • They would be excellent communicators and possess strong time management skills.

We require applicants to be motorized, possess the right photography equipment, and have a mobile phone with a data plan to upload large files while on-site. 

All applications will be reviewed within 72 hours, and only selected applicants will be contacted to fill out an official application form prior to the interview with our team.

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